Born as Mary Angela Barnett on 25th September 1949 in Cyprus, Angela Bowie is an American model, actress, musician and TV celebrity. Of English and Greek Cypriot mixed descent, this celebrity who is 65 years of age speaks fluent Spanish and French.

Better known as the ex-wife of rockstar David Bowie, Angela spent her young days studying in the US, Switzerland and UK. She met David Bowie at the age of 18, on whom she would have a profound impact on his rise to fame. They both married on 19th March 1970 in England, and due to strains in the relationship with her husband, the couple divorced in 1980. They have one child whom they actually named Zowie, but Zowie would legally change his name to Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones later on. Angela later married punk musician Drew Blood with whom she has a daughter Stacia.

Angela is an active writer and has two poetry collections to her credit titled the Last Years and the Recent Years. She has also written 2 autobiographies; Free Spirit (published in 1981), and the other more famous Backstage Passess : Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie (published in 1993) containing their lifestyle full of drugs and bisexuality. The book famously details the incident when she saw David Bowie and Mick Jagger (frontman of the Rolling Stones) in the same bed – both naked. The audiobook for Backstage Passess narrated by Angela herself won Best Audio Biography for 1993, which has also been translated into French, German and Dutch. She penned Bisexuality (published in 2002) and has been writing for her official website regularly. In 2014, she produced Pop Sex (a book devoted to sex), and also a coloring book titled Cat-Astrophe about her cats.

All songs of a CD maxi-single titled The World is Changing credit Angela as the composer with various other co-composers, that was released in 1996. Her second album titled Fancy Footwork is being worked upon.

She has to her credit a stage play titled Krisis Kabaret, and has performed in Tiny Alice (2000). Her video Crying in the Dark that she directed, produced and performed in won an award in Germany.

Famous as a style icon, Angela has appeared on many TV shows like Oprah!, Johnny Carson, Howard Stern, Reel Don Steele Show, various shows and documentary for BBC 1 and BBC 4 etc., to name a few. She has appeared as herself in films like Ziggy Stardust (1973) and Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip (1991), and her film credits include Eat the Rich (1987), Demented (1994), Deadrockstar (2002) and La Funcionaria Asesina (2009 / released in English as The Slayer Beaurocrat) .

She entered the 5th installment of the show Celebrity Big Brother house as a contestant on 5th January 2016. On one occasion, Angela wore a pigtail stating she didn't have time to do anything else. A bold style statement for a lady of granny's age. Right ? She was once a model, after all.

With 1,237 followers and 1,458 tweets so far, Angie's twitter @angiebowie2020 can be followed for regular updates on her life. Despite being in the music scene all these years, Angela is still gaining popularity all across the world.



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