Ang Lee, is a Taiwanese born America, who is famous for his film direction and production. His earlier movies like The Wedding Banquet, Pushing Hands and Eat Drink Man Woman was able to explore conflicts and relationships and conflicts between the tradition and modernity. He also deals with the repressed and hidden emotions in most of his movies which includes Crouching Tiger. His insights towards the human heart have allowed his movies to transcend cultural and language barriers to speak to the audiences all around the world.

He has won Academy Awards for being the Best Director twice for the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain and 2012 movie Life of Pi. He also has won academy awards for the Best Foreign film for Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. He also is noted to be the first person in Asian Descent to win Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards and the one and only director in the history to win Golden Bear and Golden Lion for more than one time.

He was born in the city of Chaochou Pigtung which is an agricultural district in Taiwan. He was brought up in a household which emphasized more on education and Chinese classics. Both of his parents had moved to Taiwan from Mainland China following the Chinese nationalists’ defeat in the civil war of China in the year 1949.

He studied in Provincial Tainan his first Senior High School where his father used to be a principal. His father had high expectations of about Lee of passing the annual Joint University Entrance Examination but after he failed the exam for two times, he entered a three year college and graduated in the year 1975. His father wanted him to become a professor but he had more interest on dramas. He got frustrated in the early years which et his career on the path of performance art.

After completing the mandatory military service, he went to US to study at the University of Illinois in the year 1979. He then completed his bachelor’s in theatre in the year 1980. He was originally interested in acting but his difficulty in communicating in English made it very difficult and he quickly turned in directing.

At the university he met his life partner, Jane Lin who also was a Taiwanese Student who was pursuing PhD; they live happily together as husband and wife. The then enrolled himself at the Tisch School of Art of the New York University where he received his MFA in the sector of film production. He was friends with Spike Lee and he worked on the crew of his thesis movie “Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads”.

When he was in graduate school, he finished a 16 mm short film, Shades of Lake which later won the title of Best Drama in Short Film in Taiwan at an early age. His personal thesis, which was a 43 minutes drama, Fine Line, won NYU’s Wasserman Award for Outstanding Direction and was later selected for the PBC. His net worth at present is about 32 million dollars. He has twon children, Mason Lee and Haan Lee.



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