Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is a Russian born an American actress. She alongside her then boyfriend Jorge appeared on TLC’s documentary series ’90 day Fiance’. She was badly criticized by the social media users when she left Jorge following his bad economic condition. Anfisa Arkhipchenko is on her way to success and soon will have her own bio in the wiki page.

Personal and Family Relationship

Anfisa Arkhipchenko has not talked much about her parents and early childhood and she is married to longtime boyfriend after dating him for sometime Jorge with whom she broke up following his weak financial condition.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko was born on September 12, 1995, in Russia. As Anfisa Arkhipchenko has maintained a low profile there is no more news that is to be found in her bio.  Her height is also not known yet.

Arkhipchenko was in a married relationship with boyfriend Jorge. She flew all the way to America to meet Jorge when he said that he was madly in love with her and is all set to bear her demands. He bought her an expensive handbag and took her to an extravagant vacation around Europe. When Jorge failed to bear all her expensively and increasing demands, she broke up with him and started seeing another man when she found out that Jorge is in debt. She even accused Jorge of domestic violence. However, as per the close sources, the couple has not totally ended their relationship and are looking forward to a reconcile.

Career and Professional Life

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is best known as a star of ’90 Day Fiance’. She is expecting to have a few more works in the coming years.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko came into the contact of Jorge aka Andrew Lopez after he went through some of her photos on social networking site ‘faceook’. She came to America to meet Jorge and landed a role on TLC documentary series ’90 day Fiance’. She alongside Jorge appeared in the season 4 of the series.


Social Media and News & Updates

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is incredibly popular on social networking sites. She has more than 130,000 Instagram followers as well as she is also followed on Twitter. Anfisa Arkhipchenko was recently spotted on Instagram flaunting with a bouquet of red roses and speculations are made that husband Jorge Nava gifted it.

Arkhipchenko rose to fame with TLC’s documentary series ’90 Day Fiancé’. She is extremely popular on Social Media. She has been followed by more than 130000 Instagram followers. She has also become the hot topic of Twitter followers. Some Twitter users blame her for the controversial relationship with husband Jorge Nava whereas some support her.

Arkhipchenko made all the media speculations and rumors erroneous and celebrated her one year marriage anniversary. She was pictured with a bouquet of red roses along with a caption ‘Celebrating our first anniversary over Instagram.


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