“There's been an awakening...have you felt it?”

Let me ask you before we delve into this bio, were your bones chilled up when you heard Supreme Leader Snoke's voice in the recent epic blockbuster Star Wars : The Force Awakens, that collected an astonishing $2 billion in the box office ? Yes, we are tracing a bit of history about Andy Serkis today.

An actor, voice artist, director and author who is known primarily for his roles that employ several mediums at once (like CGI, motion-capture and animation), Andy Serkis (full name Andrew Clement Serkis) was born on 20th April 1964 in Ruislip, one of London's suburb areas. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1989 and has been dubbed by the critics and fans alike as the “godfather of motion capture”. Born to Catholic parents but now an atheist who believes in the laws of karma, he married his actress wife Lorraine Ashbourne in 2002. The couple have 3 kids, and live in Crouch End, North London.

Millions of fans across the world known him for his excellent portrayal of the creature Gollum in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies for which he was given the Empire Award for the Best British Actor; and the smart and sensitive chimpanzee Ceaser in Rise of the Planet of the Apes that saw him receive various awards and nominations : a Virtuoso award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, a nomination for Best Supporting Actor by the film critics association (of Houston, San Diego and Washington), the 2011 Satellite Awards as well as the BFCA Critic's Choice Movie Awards.

However these are just a few of the amazing outputs from this versatile actor, and devout fans of Andy will remember the magnificent way he brought to life the character Ian Dury in the film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll that won him the evening Standard Film Award for Best Actor, as Captain Haddock in Steven Spielberg's The Adventure of Tintin, as Ian Brady in Longford for which he scored nominations in the Emmy and the Golden Globe awards. He also did an amazing job portraying real life characters like the science genius Albert Einstein, the master artist Vincent Van Gogh, and the choreographer John D'Auban.

Apart from acting, Andy has also ventured into other entertainment projects. Snake is a short film directed by him, and a stage play The Double Bass is a work by him. He has tried his hands in writing, directing and performing in some of the mega-successful video games. To produce independent films in the UK, Andy founded Caveman Films. He also established The Imaginarium Studios in London to use state-of-the-art technology as an aid to the performance arts and movies, thereby creating a superior work. In 2012, it was announced that Imaginarium Studios will bring out a bundle of films, including Animal Farm, based on the eponymous classic novel by George Orwell. The upcoming Jungle Book : Origins will see Andy in his directorial debut.

With over 131 thousand followers on his twitter page, you could too hook up @andyserkis for regular updates on this celebrity's life and career. His net worth is estimated to be a around $28 million.



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