A current Director General of the MI5 Andrew Parker is the 7th Director General who have headed since that post was created in the year 1909.

 He is a career MI5 officer with more than 30 years of the professional experience in wide range of National Security as well as intelligence work which also includes the fields of International Terrorism, Northern Ireland Terrorism, counter- espionage, protective security, serious and organized crime, policy and strategic planning. In addition to that, he has also completed liaison posting in United States in 1991.

During his career till now, Andrew has spend his three years on the second men to HM Customs & Excise as the Director Intelligence before he returned to the Service in the year 2002 for joining the Board as Director for the Northern University Ireland Terrorism, protective security and serious crime. 

In February of 2005, he was appointed as the Director International Terrorism. He had led MI5’s response to 2005 terrorist attack in the London overseeing significant expansion in counter-terrorism capability and development of the MI5’s regional network.

After that, he became the Deputy Director General of Security Service in 2007. As such, he has also been responsible for leading all the MI5’s investigation as well as operational work. Later, in April of 2013, he went to become a Director General of the Service.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Andrew Parker came into this world in the year 1962 which has now made him at the age of 52 or 53. He went to get his education at the Churchill College, Cambridge where she studied the Natural Sciences.

He belongs to a British nationality. He is also a married man and has two children together with his wife. Besides that, Andrew also enjoys outdoors as well as he is a keen ornithologist as well as wildlife photographer. Besides that, he can also be connected in Twitter and Instagram.


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