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Andrew McCollum is one of the co founder of the famous networking site which has made billions of dollars that is facebook, McCollum is born in 26th December 1979 in California and also one of the investor of the Angel ( a investing company). McCollum also attended Harvard University like the other member of the facebook co founder, McCollum attended that university with Mark Zuckerberg which is the head of the facebook. McCollum (bio) always had a passion in computer and always love the way it works, McCollum worked with the facebook site or say the company together from the month of February 2004 to September 2006 which is just two years and then initially woked on the wirehog  and a file sharing program company with Adam D’Angelo as together they are running the company.

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McCollum is a hard working guy with all his talents and work seen in the final output, McCollum also later returned to Harvard university and then completed his graduation in 2007 with a Bachelor degree in computer science in his hand and then went to pursue the Master Degree in education from the Harvard Graduate school of education. McCollum is also known for his member ship in the Harvard Team as one of the member of it and that team completed in the 31st position in the compition of the Association for Computer Machinery  which was a international collegiate programming contest held in Tokyo.

McCollum is now 36 years old (age) and is currently acting or say working as the Entrepreneur in the Residence at New Enterprise and also the Flybridge Capital Partners. McCollum also has appeared in the Forbes as being in the billionaire list, McCollum has a net worth about $ 1.15 to 2.5 billion which is estimated but the actual number is still unknown, this was calculated with the share he had in Facebook. 

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