Andreas Lubitz wiki, bio, age, girlfriend, pilot

Andreas Lubitz(27) a pilot who intentionally murdered 150 people onboard is a mass murderer according to investigation report. Firstly he hijacked the plane 9525 by locking the door after captain went to rest room than intentionally took the plane down in the French Alps.

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The plane hit the mountain at the speed of 430 mph. Adreas has no criminal background and not related to any terriorist groups. According to sources six years ago he took a break battling depression. He started flying plane from the age of 14.

As pers sources he is said to be a good pilot and has set positive example. He lived with his parents in Montabaur, Germany and had a girlfriend. His house has been guarded by police to protect any unusual activity. Everyone who known Lubitz are shocked after the incident. 

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