A Canadian actress known best for playing the character Diana and NeuroBrain in RoboCop: The Series back in 1994, and Janet Gavin (wife of main character Tommy Gavin) on the TV series Rescue Me (2004 to 2011), Andrea Roth has been active since 1988 till now. Let us have alook at a brief bio of this celebrity that is compiled below for further information about her.

Born Born on 30th September 1967 in Woodstock, Ontario in Canada, to a Dutch mother and a Scottish father, Roth is a 1st generation Canadian. She was interested in acting since early in her life, and did her first theatrical acting at the age of 11 in The Miracle Worker. She was in her college when she was approached by modelling-scouts who helped start modeling for print and runaway media, and this led her to acting gigs on Canadian TVs. Her debut as a movie actress was in The Club, a horror film produced in Canada by director Brenton Spencer, and her career started on TV was Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) on HBO. Before landing up in long roles in Rescue Me and RoboCop: The Series, she she appeared on many TV series and films.

 Her other notable appearances include Jet Li starrer War (2007), and as a guest cast on Ringer and Blue Bloods. Her other acting credits are : The Jitters (1989), Princes in exile (1991), The Psychic (1991), Seed People (1992), The Club (1994), Crossworlds (1996), Sunchaser (1996), Red Meat (1997), Executive Power (1997), Burn (1998), Dangerous Attraction (2000), The Stepdaughter (2000), The Untold (2002), Highwaymen (2004), War (2007), Courage (2009), The Skeptic (2009), The Collector (2009), A Golden Christmas (2009), South (2011), Time Out of Mind (2012), Dark Places (2015), and numerous other TV shows and series. For someone who has been active for a long time as Roth, we all know that it is very difficult to note down all of her acting credits here.

Roth first gained attention by playing Eleanor in the mini-series A Woman of Independent Means (1995), where she was shown aging from 16 years to 60 within the series timeline. Her other notable TV appearances are Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990), Highlander (1992), Dead at 21 (1994), and 2 other miniseries that had good standings : In Spite of Love (1994) and A Change of Place (1994).

Her husband Todd Biermann was her boyfriend since a long time, whom she finally married on 7th October 2011. Her daughter Ava Reese was born on 29th March 2010 when Roth was 42 years old. Roth calls herself an “irregular tweeter”, but you could still follow her on twitter along with 133 thousand other fans for updates on her life and career. She has posted lots and lots of pictures and links related to herself and her work and other things that are of particular interest to her. You may also like her page on facebook to catch up on what she is up to as soon as she posts it. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

The internet has no information whatsoever about her instagram account, salary or net worth, but it can be safely said that she must have thousands of fans and followers all over the world. For somebody like her who has been consistently active over a decade and a half, she must have earned a decent amount of money and moreover, lots of satisfaction through her profession.



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