Known for her portrayal of Alex Garrett in Joey (NBC sitcom), Nicole Allen in The Class (CBS sitcom), and Linda Zwordling in Better Off Ted (ABC sitcom), Andrea Anders is a versatile American actress who was born on 10th May 1975 in Madison, Winconsin but currently lives in Los Angeles. She is of 41 years of age, but looks half as that! Lets have a look at her brief bio below.

Upon passing out from DeForest Area High School in DeForest, Winconsin in 1993, Anders attended the University of Winconsin-Stevens Point and graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She also has a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University, New Jersey. As soon as she was done with her education, Andrea decided to move to New York in order to pursue a career in acting. In the beginning of her career, the pilots that she worked on were not so successful, but then she stayed consistent and focused. Finally, she landed memorable roles in Joey and The Class, and the rest is easy to follow. It was on the sets of Joey that she met and began dating Matt LeBlanc, who was her boyfriend from 2006 until the couples decided to break-up in 2015.

Andrea's acting can be seen in the following works : One Life to Live (1988), Oz (2003), The Stepford Wives (2004), News to Me (2004), Tru Calling (2004), Joey (2004 to 2006), Never Been Thawed (2005), The Class (2006 to 2007), Numb3rs (2008), Sex Drive (2008), Better Off Ted (2009 to 2010), Mr. Sunshine (2011), Necessary Roughness (2011), About a Boy (2014 to 2015), Modern Family (2014 to 2015). We're sure that with a beauty and acting skills above par standard, many more are yet to come!

For those who do not know, her name Andrea is derived from the Greek word Andreios which means masculine and manly. Andrea isn't the only one in her family related to the acting world : her siblings Sean Anders and Torri Anders are also director/writer in their own rights by profession.

Her interviews show that she is very satisfied as an actress, often citing the importance of lessons that she learnt along the way working for the sitcoms during her career. While she did have some training in drama (as an art student), Andrea thinks that while working in comedy comes natural to her and she doesn't have to be conscious of whether or not she has caught the nerve of the situation she is in, working in drama would have been more demanding since it requires an understanding of what is going on and the constant pressure to get everything perfectly right. Andrea and Matt LeBlanc would have made a cute couple, wouldn't you agree? But since their break up in 2015, we're not exactly sure whether she is in relationship with anyone or not, and since she is not married as of now (let alone engaged), the question of divorce doesn't even arise.

Andrea can be followed up on social media or gossip sites for further updates regarding what she is upto at the moment. Her twitter account @AndreaAndersMe has 1,621 followers, but it's not sure whether or not she uses instagram. IMDB also has a page about her.



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