Amy Prentiss who was at the age of 41 was found dead at her home in Gautier, Mississippi has been killed by her boyfriend before shooting at the Delta State University. She has been identified as the girlfriend of suspected gunman Shannon Steadman Lamb who was the professor of Delta State University.

After killing her, he drove to the college and gunned down his fellow professor. After that, Lamb was alleged to have called the police after 20 minutes to report the death of Amy at the home. The motive of shooting has not yet been made public. Later, Shannon also killed himself about mile south of the house of his parents on Northern outskirts of Greenville.

A friend Lindsay Knowles told to the Biloxi Sun Herald that Amy and Shannon were dating with each other for about three years. She also stated that Amy used to write her that they fought sometimes but did not ever mention about any violence. The professor has been recognized as Ethan Schmidt who was working at Delta State as the history professor since the year 2013.

Previous to that, he used to work at the Texas Tech University and he completed his doctorate in the year 2007 from University of Kansas as well as he also received his undergraduate and Master’s degree from the Emporia State University.

According to the LinkedIn page of Amy, she was managing music career of her daughter named Abigail Osteen who is a singer and is at the age of 19. In addition to that, she was also an outreach Minister at the Oasis Church which is an interdenominational congregation in the Pascagoula, Mississippi.

She was previously married to her then husband Jason Warren who used to serve on staff at the Oasis for several years as the director of Community Outreach before getting divorced. The pictures about her can also be obtained from her Instagram and Twitter account.


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