Ammon Bundy is the leader of the group of armed anti-government protestors is the son of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. His family members were engaged in the standoff in April of the year 2014 with federal government as the part of the decade’s long dispute with Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights. The group has taken over the federal building on the national wildlife refuge in Oregon. The group has been protesting against pending imprisonment of the two ranchers named as Dwight and Steven Hammond who were convicted of burning the federal land.

Ammon and the other men which also includes his brother named Ryan took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building on Saturday night after the peaceful protest in Burns which is in rural Eastern Oregon county of Harney. It is not known that how many armed men are at federal building. The initials reports had said that there were as many as 150 militia members but the others have said that there are about a dozen of men. Bundy told to the Oregonian that he would not specify how many men are there for the operational security reasons.

On Saturday, Bundy posted on his Facebook video calling for others to come to the Oregon for joining him and his men. In the previous video, he called for all the patriots to stand up not stand down and come prepared. According to the CBS News, Dwight and Steven Hammond who are the Oregon ranchers at center of the protest rejected Bundy federal building takeover. The Hammonds were convicted of setting the fire in the year 2001 as well as 2006 on federal land for reducing the growth of the invasive plants and for protecting their property from wildfires. Besides that, as Ammon has maintained his profile low, there is no more info found regarding is bio and other activities. But he can be connected through Instagram and Twitter. 

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