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Amber Amour who is a sexual assault survivor as well as an activist from the New York has live blogged the aftermath of her rape in South Africa for encouraging the other victims to stand up as well as tell their stories. In December of the year 2015, Amber said that she was attacked in the Cape Town while she was in city for promoting her Stop Rape Educate campaign. Almost soon after the incident took place, she took the Instagram page for sharing her horrific experience. She has blamed her rape on the man she knew who is named as Shakir.

Amber has now reached at the age of 27. She writes in her blog that she agreed to go for the shower with Shakir in the hotel room in Cape Town because her hostel did not have hot water. In addition to that, she was also suffering from the food poisoning. She also followed up her post with the photograph of her rape kit being administered and local police investigating the scene. On the official website of Amber, she had said that she was sexually assaulted by her roommate in September of 2014. On her Instagram page, she had said that she is a Vegansexual which means that she only has sex with other vegans.

According to the 2nd January Facebook post, Amber said that her raper was released on the bail of $75 with his next court appearance scheduled for 29th March. Previous to that, on 31st December, she wrote on her Facebook page that Shakir was questioned by the police that he never mentioned attacking her but said that they had consensual sex but then he stopped it because Shakir thought about his eight months child as well as his girlfriend. Besides that, to know more info about his bio and family background, she can be followed in Instagram and Twitter. 

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