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Amanda Knox middle name Marie age 27 born on 27 july 1987 is a American woman who is convicted along with well know Raggaele Sollecito in the cas of murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007.Even a movie was made in this story Murder on trial in Italy which was based on her story of the murder of a British Student Meredith Kercher.Due to this the movie created a tense surrounding and Knox filed a report with her lawyer.Amanda Knox stared her occupation as an Author.

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    163 cm

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After convicted in the charge of Murder and sent to prison where she wrote a Diary explaning her life and recents until she was found innocent of murdering her room mate becomes free in October 2011.Young and beautiful Amanda usually uploaded her hot photo as a possible feet in the social media sharing to the world. She eventually got publicity through out the news and podcast asking and lining up for her interview.Every one wanting to hear her story and struggles to show her innocent.Social media punched in the face of judges who first judged her in the murder though she was innocent.She got support from millions of people through twitter and facebook.

But in 2013 she was order to stand in trial again and again was found guily of murdering her English room mate with her boyfriend Raffaele sollecito which created a beliving and unbelieving thoughts in the mind of the people. Sollecito received 25 years of prison sentence and Knox Received 28,5 years of prison sentencein 2014 February. The bumpy time of her life is surely unexpected even in the upcoming years as there is still support from the people for her to prove her innocent.News caster like BBC, CNN are still showing her news.The main suspicious thing is her behavious which she showed most of the time in akward situation.Though a fixed proven evidence is still not be taken in consideration says Knox to prove her innocent.

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