Algee Smith

Algee Smith is an actor and a musician who is a complete entertainer with all his skills. Algee Smith is mostly known for his role as Da Boss in the television movie Let it Shine. He was born on 7 November 1994 in Saginaw, MI. He is a native of the city. His parents along with his younger sister moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA when he was 7 years old.

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    7 November 1994

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Algee smith is among the few who started their career at a very young age of 9.

He started very young. He recorded his first rap song at the age of 9. He took part in Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” competition. He has starred in various movies like Detroit riot, Sons to the grave, The New Edition Story and many more.

A complete understanding of entertainment is what has got Let it Shine Movies star Algee Smith's career to the height he is in.

He has a website of his own. His website introduces him as “All around entertainer. He uses his melodic voice and metaphoric rap. To catch the ears of listeners, while also using his, acting skills to attract the eyes of viewers.”

Algee Smith's parents seem to be very good people who gave their son such a virtuous up bringing.

His website is full of motivational quotations of himself. “I’m more interested in a relationship. With the creator of the world. Than in a religion created by man.” Is what his view on god and religion is. “The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight and no vision.”, “The hunger to win starts with aggression against failure.” , “The greatest creativity comes from those that lose concern of what others may think.” , “ Being realistic is the most common travelled road to mediocrity.” Are some other quotations on his website.

Keeping Algee Smith personal life low profile, he has not let the media know much about his dating history or his girlfriend.

Algee Smith with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches he is a handsome bachelor with a very low dating history. He is very focused on his career and seems like doesn’t want to distract himself with a girlfriend.

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