Alexandre Bissonnette is a gunman who has been accused of killing 6 people and wounding 8 others in a barbaric massacre on Sunday night at the Quebec City Mosque. The police and the witnesses had said that Alexandre entered the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec and then opened fire with the rifle shooting members of the mosque as they were praying.

Bissonnette is currently in the police custody and he was being questioned on the morning of Monday. According to the reports of Toronto Star, he has also been charged with the six counts of first-degree murder and the five counts of attempted murder.

Now, let us gain few more information related to the bio of Bissonnette that has been extracted from various sources. He has now reached the age of 27. According to his Facebook account, he is fro the Cap-Rouge, Quebec, just about 15 minutes from the mosque. A neighbor told the CBC that he had recently moved to an apartment in the Quebec City near the mosque. She also said that he was seen often at the home of his parents.

According to the high school classmate, Alexandre Bissonnette also has a twin brother, the Le Journal de Quebec reported. His Facebook page reveals some details about the reasons for shooting and appears similar to the other 20-something college students. Alexandre’s last public post was on 20th January of 2017 and it was a photo of a dog wearing the delivery outfit of Dominos Pizza, with a caption “I want one! #fridayfeeling”. His another picture showed him as a child. He was a former Royal Canadian Army Cadet.

After about 17 minutes of the shots, Alexandre Bissonnette called 911 to the police and he felt guilty for what he had done. He also told the 911 dispatcher that he was going to shoot himself. At about 8:45 p.m., He told the police that he wanted to be arrested. He was then interrogated after being taken into the custody and the police are still investigating for what led him to do the attack.

After he called 911, the suspected shooter parked his Mitsubishi car on the Island of Orleans bridge and the officers from Tactical Intervention group arrived and then took hi into the custody. According to the La Presse, a handgun and 2 rifles that looked like the AK-47s were found in the car. Another man who was considered to be the suspect and now called a witness Mohamed Khadir was arrested close to the mosque and later, he was released without any charges.

The witnesses told the Reuters that the two of the gunmen opened the fire on worshippers inside the mosque on Sunday night. While they started to fire, they also yelled “Allahu Akbar”.

One of the sources told to the Radio-Canada that he is the student at the Universite Laval which is a French-language public college located in Quebec City. Addition to him, there are about 28500 undergraduate students as well as 8500 graduate students attending that school. His height and the information about his family is not known 



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