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Alex Malarkey who is an author was born in the year 1998. He had wrote the book along with his father Kevin in the year 2010 which became a best selling. The book is titled as “the Boy Who Came Back from heaven” which is the story about how a boy visited the Heaven after he got a crash. His parents had got divorced and his mother had said that Kevin always speak the truth. He is still disabled and he is cared by his mother at their hom in Ohio.

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He was admitted to the hospital after the car crash in the year 2004. He was left paralyzed but when he awoke, he claimed that an angel lifted him to the heaven where he met Jesus and Satan. After he woke up, he came with an incredible story to share with other people. Alex stated that he visited the heaven and met Jesus while he was in the coma for a couple of month when he was at the age of six. He has told that he experienced the things that happen after death.

Apart from that, Alex is now at the age of 16. In an open letter that was addressed to the Sellers, buyers and the marketers on the Pulpit and Pen on 13th January of 2015, Malarkey has wrote that he did not die. He did not go to the heaven. He also told that previously he told that he went to heaven because he thought that he would get the attention because of that. it was in the year 2009 that Alex became youngest person who had surgical procedure that was first carried out for Chro\istopher Reeve which allowed him to breathe on his own without any ventilator. At that time, he was at the age of ten. The same year, he was also able to stand upright in supporting frame with the helpers moving his legs to walk on treadmill.

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