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Alex Guarnaschelli is a famous chef (celebrity) and executive chef in the Butter restaurant New york City. Alex was also a executive chef who has won award in the Darby restaurant. Alex also achieved the crown iron chef award on iron chef America. Alex started her school in Horace Mann School and then she graduated from Barnard College  afterward she began working inside kitchen and soon started working under Larry Forgione (professional chief) and became a chef. Alex worked her way from small to big restaurant (hotel) in France. Then she went to New York and worked her way to Daniel Boulud eponymous restaurant.

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Alex Gaurnaschelli soon married Brandon Clark (her husband) and they had one daughter Ava.  Alex was a big strong competitor on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America where she showed her love of cooking though she didn’t won the challenge but she appeared in many programs as a judge. Alex taught the challenge takers new way of cooking the classic dishes in an improved and more attractive recipes. Remours spreaded of her personal life that she divorced her husband but turned out to be fake as she replied to the newspaper company.

They are enjoying their life as a happy married couple with a daughter and Alex says that her husband makes the best omlet and strong coffee which is the best she had ever tasted. Alex is now teaching new cook the passion they should have to make the dishes taste same and best all the time and also try some new classic dishes to modify into something new which could pull customers. Alex attended many national tv shows and she again recently completed Next Iron Chef and won the challenge which is a big supprise ater numerous tries and hard working which she say;s she achieved from years of experience.

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