An American musician, the actor as well as a record producer Alex Greenwald is widely known for being the lead singer of California rock band known as Phantom Planet. He is the native of Los Angeles, California, United States of America. He came into this world on 9th October of the year 1979 which has now made him reach the age of 36. It was in 1994 when Alex formed Phantom Planet during his teens along with four other friends. Later in 2006, he collaborated with DJ Mark Ronson for covering the Radiohead song titled as Just. That cover appears on the compilation album called Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads and the Mark Ranson album called Version.

Greenwald along with James Valentine, Jason Boesel, Michael Runion, and Z Berg also composed a band known as JJAMZ which was started at the karaoke night at Guys in Hollywood. The group of the means of escape from respective bands of each member at the time when the things seemed hectic for every member. JJAMZ played their first concert at EchoPlex on 27th January of 2009 and they also released their first album on 10th July of 2012 which was titled as Suicide Pact. The album was released on Dangerbird. After the departure of Valentine from the band, JJAMZ changed their name to Phases. They were then signed to Warner Bros. Records. The name Phases is composed of Michael Runion, Greenwald, Jason Boesel and Z Berg.

Apart from that, Greenwald is also an executive producer and one of the musicians in the Business International. He has also helped to write the multiple of the songs. Alex is also one of the lead singers in a song entitled as The Night Last Night on an album called Record Collection. Prior to that, he can also be seen in a music video for The Bike Song. In addition to making his appearances in commercials for The Gap and in Donnie Darko, he had also appeared in a couple of music videos for the electronic band called M83.

A talented musician has recently got engaged to get married. He is engaged to his girlfriend named Brie Larson who is also an actress. After dating each other for a long time, the pair finally got engaged in April of 2016. He stands at the height of five feet and eleven inches that are 180 cm. He belongs to American nationality and is of White ethnicity. His net worth is estimated to be in millions. Besides that, to know more about his, family background, bio, and movies, he can get connected through Twitter and Instagram. 


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