Alexandrian “Alex” Borstein is an American actress, comedian, and a producer who was born in the year 1973, 15th February which makes her age 42 years at present. She is famous for her role as Lois Griffin where she gave her voices; this character is in the series Family Guy. She is a graduate of San Francisco University. She studied improvisational comedy at ACME Comedy Theatre which is near Hollywood in California. She was noticed by the talent agents while she was working at the theatre. She is also a writer and a voice actor for some television shows which includes Casper, Pinky and the Brain, Power Rangers before she joined the band of MADtvas. Her bio includes following details. 

She was born in the Highland Park which is situated in Illinois which is a suburb of the city of Chicago in the year 1973, but there has been a controversy about her date of birth because some sources say that it is 1971. She was brought up in the city of Deerfield. She has two siblings and both are her brothers. Her father’s name is Irv and her mother’s name is Judy and both of them are professional in the field of professionals. She is a Jew and her mother was born and brought up in Budapest she moved to States after the Hungarian Revolution in the year 1956. She went to San Francisco State University.

When she was at the ACME Comedy Theatre she met her future husband Jackson Douglas. Shortly after they started to work on the animated cartoon named Casper and the Pinky and the Brain, she left her position in an ad agency with an intention of becoming a full-time writer. In the year 1996, she worked on the show of Power Rangers while she still was writing for Casper.

In the year 1997, she worked as a cast member of the third season of sketch comedy show named MADtv; she was cast as a featured player in the beginning but her role was upgraded to  the repertory. She is best known for her role as Ms. Swan.

She also was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for her role in the Family Guy episode named Lois Comes Out of Her Shell. She also appeared in the American version of the comedy named Getting On which later got real positive reviews.

She has been married to a writer and actor named Jackson Douglas. Doug proposed her when she was taping MADtv skit  and the couple married in the year 1999. In a program, she joked about naming her baby Stewie when she was pregnant. They have a son whose name is Barnaby Douglas who was born in the year 2008 and a daughter whose name is Henrietta Borstein Douglas who was born in the year 2012.  She has an estimated net worth of over 20 million USD. Her fans can keep track of her events and stats  from her twitter account; her twitter account has a fan following of  46 thousand worldwide.

A guy had tattooed "RIP Brian" on his body and she gave it a feedback pretty well and said that the tattoo was priceless and it was actually an honor. 



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