A very cute little boy named Alan Kurdi who was just three years old has now gained the attention of the media and every people. He was the Syrian boy from the Kurdish ethnic background. The news about his death has now made the biggest headlines around the whole heart and each and every people are deeply saddened by his death.

It has also reached record heights. He was drown in Mediterranean Sea as the part of Syrian refugee crisis. The pics of the baby were taken by the journalist named as Nilufer Demir and it was soon spread around the world. The readon behind that was Alan and his family members, her father, mother and elder brother were trying to reach the Canada. The death of his and the refugee crisis quickly became the issue in 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

The toddler Alan Kurdi was just at the age of 3 when he died. He was born in the Kobani, which lies in the country Syria. His life has been gone without having him the chance to see the world. He and his family members moved between various of the towns for escaping ISIL.

They then settled down in the Turkey for three years. After that, at the starting of the year 2015, they returned to Kobani but again in the month of June, they returned to Turkey when they were attacked by the ISIL again.

His father Abdullah tried to take the family to Greek but he got failed fro twice. He then again arranged for the third attempt because he needed the new teeth that were so much expensive for him in the Turkey. Therefore, Abdullah made a decision for moving in the Europe but the journey ended in tragedy which took away his wife and two children.

In early hours of the tragic day, that is 2nd September of 2015, Alan with his parents and elder brother were in the small plastic or rubber inflatable boat which was said to have been capsized about 5 minutes after leaving the beach resort located at the Bodrum in Turkey. Total of sixteen people were there in the boat which was designed for maximum of eight people.

All of them were trying to reach Greek island of Kos which was roughly 2.5 mile away from the Bodrum. The dead bodies of Alan, his elder brother as well as others were discovered by the two employees of beach resort at around 6:30 am in same morning. One of the employees stated that, the dead bodies looked like they were still alive like they were sleeping smiling a little. He also said that the bodies could not have been in water an hour.

The pictures of the lifeless body of Alan which was washed ashore caused the grave international concern. It is also said that the picture must be reminder of the world’s responsibility regarding the refugees.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has commented on photographs of Alan as well as described refugee crisis as the human catastrophe as well as found the photographs absolutely shocking. Multiple media has given a tribute to Alan as well as the other dead people. One of the tribute to him is “Alan did not deserve to drown in the coldness of the water and in coldness of the human indifference”.



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