Adam Saleh is a versatile Arab-American YouTuber, actor, rapper, and vlogger. Adam Saleh is mainly known for his videos on YouTube. Many of his prank videos have high viewers rate. He has also released many songs of his own featuring different artists. Adam born in America belongs to a Muslim family and because of this reason he has been in many controversies.  hair

Adam Saleh belong to a Muslim family 

Adam Saleh was born on 4 June 1993 in Brooklyn, New York City, United States of America. His parents belong to Yemen which is an Arabic country. Born in New York City he completed his school from Central Park East High School. Later he graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In his school, Adam went through lots of bullying belonging from a Muslim family. He was even teased as the son of Osama Bin Laden. Just to avoid all these stuff he told his friends that he is Spanish. 

As getting frustrated being bullies a lot he himself turned to be a bully in his high school which made him do different unbearable stuff. Later his parents had to get him admitted in an Islamic school in his senior year. 

Adam's family tragic loss

Adam father and mother were both raised and married in Yemen. His parents faced a heart-aching loss of many children. They experienced the death of their first child then again of the second child which died eight months after the birth. The third child who is the oldest sister of Adam survived. As they thought of a good time, it got swept away when they once more experienced the loss of their fourth child. Now there are three older sisters, an older and younger brother of Adam.     

Adam Saleh career initiation and his net worth

The main reason why Adam Saleh enrolled in John Jay College of Criminal Justice was to become a lawyer. But as he had already started his YouTube channel of his own and was starting to gain huge popularity he started dedicating himself towards it. The prank videos that Adam uploaded heightened his fame. 

There was another video which was experimented on Muslim which came in the list of controversies.  The video was titled "Racial Profiling Experiment". It was also picked by the media. 

Talking about his net worth Adam Saleh has the estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Currently, he owns two channels with lots of subscribers.  He also has a blog named Adamsalehworldwide. 

Is Adam Saleh dating? Who is his girlfriend or going-to-be wife?

There are many videos where Adam Saleh has titled them as "Getting Ready for my wedding", "I'm getting married' and so on. However, he hasn’t quite disclosed about how his girlfriend or wife is. Going through his Instagram page we see lots of his friend and family pictures. In one of the pictures which he mentions to be Waliyha has lots of comment saying to be his wife or crush. For those question or saying there is no any answer from Adam's side. 


  • Arabic - American
  • 5.7
  • 4 June 1993
  • YouTuber, Vlogger, Rapper
  • $2.5 million
  • Muslim

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