Abigail Ábi’ Hanna is a former babysitter who is now at the age of 21 and is accused of kidnapping the two year sold toddler Lyndon Albers as well as leaving that baby by the side of road with the shaved head. The toddler was found alive after hour’s miles away on the Newbury Road in the Rowley by an Ipswich couple on their way to the work. The Massachusetts State Police has already arrested Abigail from her home in Topsfield, Massachusetts on the night of 21st November of the year 2015.

According to the several of the news reports, the toodler whom Hanna kidnapped was last seen by her own mother at around 3 am. Later, when she again checkers her around at 6 am, the child was gone and it was after that when she called police. Later, The child was found by an Ipswich couple. The family friend of man and woman who found the baby told to the NewsCenter5 that the pair said the baby was naked and her head was shaved.

 She also had bruise on her head as well as cigarette burns on her body. After that, the baby was taken to the hospital where she was listed in the fair condition and then was later transferred to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

According to the Facebook page of Abigail, she is currently studying English Literature at the Golden College located in Hamilton as well as she is also a counselor there. The page also says that Hanna is from Boston and she has also already got engaged to the Salem man on 5th November.

However, Michael Egan posted on the website Heavy that she was the student of the Gordon College before three years, she is at present not a student as well as she also has not been a student of college in the past three years. More details about her and her pics can also be obtained from Twitter and Instagram. 


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