Aaron Kaufman from Crowley, Texas, is  self-taught mechanic, fabricator and all-around hot rodder.  Fans have called for Aaron Kaufman to be given a new TV show after his final appearance alongside Richard Rawlings on last night’s Fast N’ Loud vs.

Big loss for Richard Rawlings: Aaron Kaufman Says Goodbye to Gas Monkey

He is an American actor and a reality show player, who works as a mechanic as well as a fabricator. He is best known for his participation in Discovery’s TV series “Fast N' Loud”; and plays as one of the members of Gas Monkey Garage Team.

He was born on the 26th of January, 1982 and currently is 34 years of age. He was raised in Crowley, Texas with his family although there is no news of him having any siblings. His parents about whom there is not much information with the media raised him.

Aaron Kaufman Wiki: Where is the Mechanic Now?

There is not much to tell about his past life, childhood, and schools. But he seems to have completed his high school but never went to college. There is no news regarding his personal background and ethnicity.

We have to mention about his works are! It seems like his profession as a Hot Rod; is something that’s been his natural instinct. With his parents having no link to such work, Aaron, on the other hand, has a real gift for disorienting things, and engineering them back into the same or better.

You can guess the reason that drove him to bigger fields of mechanics and science and is now a very fruitful and popular man not just around his town, but country too.

As a successful one, you can’t ignore that Aaron has an amazing appearance. He is a good looking man, with an excellent height and well-shaped body. He is young, talented, famous and rich and that is what girls would look for in a guy. But it is shocking to see that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. It sounds kind of weird, but there is no information the media regarding his love life.

He doesn’t want to share his personal life with the media, but there have been rumors regarding his sexuality, and people think Aaron is gay. He doesn’t seem to have a wife or any children; which emphasizes that he had never been married.

You must have noticed that he works together with Richard. After impressing the reality star and car builder Richard Rawlings when he came in as a customer, Richard hired Aaron, and they worked together, building and fixing many cars.

Your favorite Aaron is known for his vast knowledge of things, and the seriousness with which he works results in the best outcome. He measures every inch of the interior from sides to back and front and gradually upgrades his ideas during work. While picking up his favorite one, he says he loves AC Cobra, which is a beast. To get to know him closely, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram, where you could also find some shirtless pictures of his.

Arron Kaufman's Net Worth is over $5 million as his popularity on the Show continues to rise

Aaron Kaufman's Splendid Salary than Net Worth: Aaron Kaufman has been known for his talent for fixing classic cars in the show called Fast N Loud. Aaron is an American mechanic and artist and has a net worth of 3 Million US dollars. His aptitude for mechanics and passion for cars has led him to fame.
Time to Read 1984

George Orwell’s book titled 1984 is considered to be one of the must-read books. And now, Aaron has spoken out loud about it. He wants to dedicate some time reading it. If you are a die-hard fan of Aaron then you might consider reading his favorite book on his to-do list.

What will happen to Aaron’s future with Fast N Loud?

If you are a fan of Aaron, you might want to know about what Aaron thinks about his life. He hasn’t spoken much about what is going to be next. Aaron was in the news for leaving his co-star Richard Rawlings. Did it come as a shock to you?

The departure of the show might fuel his success in Fast N Loud. But for the fans, it must have been painful to let him leave from the shows that had kept people addicted to the screens.


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