4th Impact is the name of a band which is composes from the four sisters. The band has now rose into the fame after they made their appearance as one of the contestants on the show known as X Factor UK 2015. The group was grown up in the poor neighborhood in city of Santiago. They have also take the strict Catholic rules of their parents very seriously and they have also promised to stay far away from any of the hunky contestants of the Xfactor that might catch their eyes if the group last in that competition.

The group called 4th Impact consist of the sister who are named as Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celena Cercado. Almira is 27 years old, Irene is 25 years old, Mylene is 23 whereas Celena is at the age of 19. The Filipino girls group has admitted that they are the most sweet as well as innocent than they have led us to believe. They want to win the show for saving their father from going blind. They have also revealed that their father Dominador Cercado has been suffering from the brain tumor and if it is left untreated, it would lead him to lose his eye sight.

The group is from Manila and they have arrived as the 4th Power but they have already been forced to change their name to the 4th Impact. Ironically, it is actually their 4th incarnation as they have done the performances under the guises MICA as well as The Gollyan Sisters. AS the group has maintained to keep their personal life secret, there is no more details found about their family background, songs as well as other activities. Besides that, as the group members are also very much active in several of social networking media, we can also get connected with them via their Twitter and Instagram account. 


  • Filipino
  • 2001
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